Pixel Demon Value 2023 (Normal & HC) Best Price in PSX!

Pixel Demon Value 2023 (Normal & HC) Best Price in PSX!

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The Pixel Demon is considered to be the best Mythical pet. It was included along with the latest Pixel World update. You will be glad to know that it can be hatched from the Rainbow Pixel Egg. The Pixel Demon reflects a recent value of around 163M gems when you sell it at a trading booth. It is undoubtedly the toughest pet in the game. And that is why Pixel Demon is in high demand from players.

Pixel Demon Overview

Pixel Demon is a rare Mythical Demon. You can obtain it in Pet simulator X. It was included in the latest Pixel Update. The players also regard it as the strongest pet in the game while snatching the strongest pet crown from “Hellish Axolotl”.

How Much is a Regular or Normal Pixel Demon could Cost?

At the moment, the stats show that the Pixel Demon Value is set at almost 8,000,000 diamonds in the dark matter version. This estimate is quite whopping in nature. By now, your curiosity must be wreaking havoc in your mind about how you could own it. So, worry not; we have got you covered.

What is Pixel Demon Rate?

It is pertinent to be curious about the hatch rate because this rate is the single most cause that could make you earn unimaginable rewards.

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So, for your kind information, the Pixel Demon hatch rate is around 6.66% to 0.01. You will be getting this rate when all your probable boosts are active, along with egg mastery.

Pixel Demon Level Stats

Pixel Demon can certainly reach the level of 198.7 trillion. But this mark will be achieved when you upgrade to Dark Matter.

How to Acquire Pixel Demon?

You can obtain the Pixel Demon by hatching it from a Rainbow egg. For those who have less to no idea about the rainbow egg, let us enlighten your thoughts. Rainbow Pixel Eggs are a kind of egg after hatching provided by the Pixel Demon.

How Much is a Pixel Demon Worth? - PETSIMXVALUES.NET

You can easily find it in the Pixel World. But one thing you must keep in mind is that Pixel Alps must be unlocked at first, no matter the cost you have to pay. Although, it costs around 9.25 million rainbow coins to purchase the regular egg. You may have to pay a whopping 79 million for the golden egg version.

Other egg-obtainable eggs are:

  • Pixel Wolf
  • Huge Pixel Cat
  • Pixel Pink Slime