Mythic Heroes Tier List Guide– Best Characters Ranked

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Mythic Heroes is no doubt the best mobile version game for iOS and Android users. This game lets you play a good guy role while fighting off the evil forces in association with certain heroes and Gods. The game automatically gather resources for you but still another best part is that you have a range of options to choose from the Gods and Heroes. Now, here is the tricky part so many options confuse your decision. So, worry not we have got your back to pick the best character from the Mythic Heroes Tier List of the best characters.

Mythic Heroes Best Characters Tier List

mythic heroes best characters tier list

The characters are listed from good to bad. But bear in mind that our shared list might be different from your personal experience. Now, let’s dive in and see the ranks of the characters, such as follows:

Tier Character Class
S-Tier Lucifer Fighter
S-Tier Athena Tank
S-Tier Ganjiang & Moye Mage
S-Tier Nuwa Support
S-Tier Hades Tank
S-Tier Susanoo Fighter
A-Tier Tamamo No Mae Mage
A-Tier Izanami Mage
A-Tier Nagakayna Support
A-Tier Medusa Fighter
A-Tier Dionysus Support
A-Tier Gaia Tank
B-Tier Zeus Mage
B-Tier Artemis Fighter
B-Tier Joan of Arc Support
B-Tier Anubis Tank
C-Tier Persephone Mage
C-Tier Oberon Fighter
C-Tier Idun Support
C-Tier Hercules Tank
D-Tier Lu Bu Fighter
D-Tier Cleopatra Mage
D-Tier Lilith Mage
D-Tier Iset Support

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