Hilidream Camp Recipes List for Genshin Impact Web Event

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact web event players could now earn rewards such as furnishing and Primogems in upcoming housing updates. This exclusive Genshin Impact Web event is also known as “Hilidream Camp”. The event requires getting a camp and setting it up. For this, you will be needing some essential items along with camp setting recipes creating several items to be used in the camp creation.

Those who are new to this event must know that Genshin Impact is offering a new web live event for earning exclusive game rewards such as currency for less effort. Now, all you have to do is find out the best recipe by experimenting with different materials. These materials will offer you several kinds of items for Hilichurls in a camp while resulting in some prizes.

All Hilidream Cam Recipe List for Genshin Impact Web Event

The recipe list for Hilidream Camp Event will be describing several ingredients to be used in the recipes such as:

  • Bowl
  • Straw
  • Wood
  • Bucket

Keep in mind that you must be over Adventure Rank 10 for this exclusive web event. Go to the Hilidream Camp Webpage and log in if you are playing on Xbox, Mobile, or PC and fulfill the AR requirement. The good news is that PlayStation could access the event via a built-in message mechanism through QR Code scanning from Pailmon. Now, accomplish the story sequence with Teapot, to begin with, the crafting.

For the sake of convenience of our readers, we are sharing a detailed Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Recipe list, such as follows:

  1. Wood + Bucket + Bowl= Bed
  2. Wood + Bucket + Straw= Escape Ladder
  3. Wood + Bowl + Straw= Mounted Mask
  4. Bucket + Bowl + Straw= Fireplace
  5. Wood + Wood + Bucket = Cabinet
  6. Wood + Wood + Bowl = Stone Table
  7. Wood + Wood + Straw = Screen
  8. Bowl + Bowl + Wood = Stone Seat
  9. Bowl + Bowl + Bucket = Lampgrass Lamp
  10. Bowl + Bowl + Straw = Rug
  11. Bucket + Bucket + Wood = Elemental Decoration
  12. Bucket + Bucket + Bowl = Lantern Decoration
  13. Bucket + Bucket + Straw = Mini Pyrovine
  14. Straw + Straw + Wood = Cooking Pot
  15. Straw + Straw + Bucket = Unusual Hilichurl Portrait

The above-mentioned items need to be placed in an exact pattern and then press the craft button. It takes almost 1 minute to craft an item. The item creation also provides you with useful rewards. We advise crafting a new item every day to ace the Genshin Impact Web Event and gain Primogems, Mora, and Furniture for coming updates. You will observe that these web events are pretty rewarding with just a little amount of effort.


We hope that Hilidream Camp Recipes List for Genshin Impact Web Event would have been quite helpful. Now all you need to do is craft items daily for earning the best rewards. For the time being, work on Hilichurls and craft a cozy place for your stay. It’s the least you could do for yourself. Thesearethedroids is a platform where you will come across a range of useful game-related guides.