Hellish Axolotl Value 2023 (February) – Pet Simulator X

Hellish Axolotl Value 2023 (February) – Pet Simulator X

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The Hellish Axolotl is undoubtedly the champion of the Mythical Pet race. It was conceived and produced in the Axolotl Ocean Update. You can conveniently from the Shiny Axolotl Egg. You will be amazed to come to know that the recent price value of the Hellish Axolotl has come to around 250M gems. But this value will be achieved once you sell at the trading booth.

It is pertinent to mention that Simulator X is also known as PSX. It is a famous online collection game. You can access it on Roblox, which is an online gaming platform. All the players have to do is take on a pet role and go ahead on an adventurous journey to gather some useful items, coins and gems.

You can also communicate with other players, along with exploring several zones. The players are allowed to hatch eggs for pet collection with distinct abilities. The main aim is to become the exclusive pet collector. You should strive to obtain scarce pets. The higher the rarity, the strongest you gradually become. CALL US NOW to acquire a complete pet Sim X Value List.

Hellish Axolotl

Newbies must be wondering what Hellish Axolotl is. Worry not, because we have got your back by letting you know that Hellish Axolotl is a rare Mythical Pet. You can obtain it from Simulator X. You will be amazed to know that it is a re-skin of the initial Axolotl pet.


It was initially included in the Axolotl update. It was also considered to be just the second most powerful pet in the game. Different players might have unique perceptions, but we still consider them a potent adversary in the game.

What is the True Worth of Hellish Axolotl?

Gurus have ranked the Hellish Axolotl at almost 40,000 diamonds. But this value is set for the regular version.

How to Acquire Hellish Axolotl?

It is significant to enlighten your thoughts about Astral Axolotl. You can easily hatch it from Shiny Axolotl Egg, which can be acquired after masterfully unlocking the Deep Axolotl Ocean. You must know that the regular version may recently cost around 150,000 rainbow coins. Whereas the Golden version may cost you around a whopping 1,350,000.

Miscellaneous Eggs

Some other useful pet-contained eggs are:

  • Nature Axolotl
  • Astral Axolotl
  • Hydra Axolotl
  • Axolotuus

What is Hellish Axolotl Hatch Rate?

The Hellish Axolotl Hatch Rate is estimated to be almost 0.00356%. But the good news is that the chances may increase if you use boosts up to 0.0175%.