Free Download Voices of MLBB 1.5 APK

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All Heroes voice/quote and Announcer Sounds available on this app, including :

Heroes Voice and Quotes : Akai,Aldous,Alice,Alpha,Alucard,Angela,Argus,Aurora,Balmond,Bane,Belerick,Bruno,Chang’e,Chou,Claude,Clint,Cyclops,Diggie,Estes,Eudora,Fanny,Franco,Freya,Gatotkaca,Gord,Grock,Gusion,Hanabi,Hanzo,Harith,Harley,Hayabusa,Helcurt,Hilda,Hylos,Irithel,Jawhead,Johnson,Kadita,Kagura,Kaja,Karina,Karrie,Kimmy,Lancelot,Lapu-Lapu,Layla,Leomord,Lesley,Lolita,Lunox,Martis,Minotaur,Minsitthar,Miya,Moskov,Nana,Natalia,Odette,Pharsa,Rafaela,Roger,Ruby,Saber,Selena,Sun,Thamuz,Tigreal,Uranus,Vale,Valir,Vexana,Yi Sun-Shin,Zhask,Zilong

Announcer sounds : Five Seconds ’til the enemy reach the battlefiled, smash them,All troops deployed,First Blood!,You have slain an enemy!,Double Kill!,Triple Kill!,Maniac!,Savage!,Wiped Out,Killing Spree!,Mega Kill!,Monster Kill!,Impossible!,God-like!,Unstoppable!,Legendary!,An Enemy has been slain,An Ally has been slain,You have been slain,Enemy Double Kill!,Enemy Triple Kill!,Enemy Maniac!,Enemy Savage!,Enemy Legendary!,Enemy Rampage!,Enemy Killing Spree!,Enemy Dominating!,Enemy God-like!,Enemy Unstoppable!,Shut Down!,Executed,You destroyed the Turret,Your team destroyed the Turret,Our turret is under attack!,Our turret has been destroyed,Our base is under attack!,An ally has slain the turtle!,An ally has slain Lord!,The enemy has slain the turtle!,Turtle resurrecting soon,Lord resurrecting soon,Launch Attack!,Initiate Retreat!,Request Backup!,Victory!,Defeat!,Frenzy kill!,Our Inhibitor Turret is Under Attack,Protect our Turret,Rally Attack Lord,Enemy Frenzy Kill!,Rally Attack the Dragon,The enemy has slain Lord!,Rally Attack the Demon Chief,Rally Attack the Turtle,Rally Attack the Spider Chief,Rally Attack the Enemy Turret,Quadra kill!,Penta kill!,Ace!,Enemy Quadra kill!,Enemy Penta kill!

Yes, it means, you get almost all heroes quote and announcer sounds on Mobile Legends game. Amazing Right?!

Now, the BEST PART is, you can set all above sound effects as ringtone to your lovely android smartphone.

So, How I can Set Mobile Legends ringtones? It’s easy, just tap + hold your favorite sound and it will appear a popup which gives you the option to set as ringtone, set as notification sound, or set as default alarm sound.

Still Confused? Just Install this app, play a bit, and a few seconds you will master it 😉

If you found any bugs, please email our developer email located at the bottom of the page. Your help will be greatly appreciated and the fixes will benefit many others using the app!

Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.
Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved.

This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Moonton and Moonton is not responsible for it.
Changelog v1.5
• Added Lylia Voices
• Added Legend Skin Voices (Miya, Saber, Alucard, Gord)
• Added KOF Skin Voices (Chou, Guinevere, Karina)
• Added Venom Skin Voices (Harley, Grock, Angela, Gusion, Hanabi)
• Added Clint Laugh Voice
• Added Zhask Ulti and laugh Voice
• Fix Hanzo Quote
• Remove double voices (Diggie & Angela)

Want to give me suggestion or maybe I’m missing something? Just sent me email at and I will reply ASAP. Have a Nice



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Free Download Voices of MLBB 1.5 APK

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