Free Download goldfish live wallpaper 10.02 APK

Free Download goldfish live wallpaper 10.02 APK

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App Name goldfish live wallpaper v10.02
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Description of goldfish live wallpaper

witness goldfish live wallpaper on your android screen. get this yellow the goldfish and goldfish live wallpaper now. the goldfish is a freshwater fish that are often misunderstood. they are one of the earliest fish to be domesticated as pets and are the most common fish kept in an aquarium. this fish is a small member of the carp family. live wallpaper, lwp, goldfish are basically a domesticated version of the carp that are native to eastern asia. first domesticated in china over a thousand years ago, there are many distinct breeds that have since been developed. they vary in size, shape, fin type and color. in china during the jin dynasty there were various species of carp that were domesticated and raised as food. some of the gray or silver colored species have the tendency to produce red, orange and yellow color mutations. the color mutations were first noted during in this period but it is thought that the mutations had been taking place for thousands of years. in the ming dynasty, the goldfish were brought indoors. this led to additional mutations that could never survive in the ponds outdoors. colors other than the red and gold fish live were first noted in 1276 ce. the ming dynasty is also where the first reference of the fancy tailed goldfish can be found. this is indeed fish pond live wallpaper and live wallpaper fish water app.

in 1603 ce, the goldfish like in koi pond were introduced into japan where the ryukin and tosakin goldfish were developed. shortly after this in 1611, the goldfish as aquatic animals were brought to portugal and from there they traveled to other locations in europe. over many centuries there has been a lot of selective breeding that has produced several different colors and sometimes even multiple colors. there are also many different body shapes, fin styles and eye setting configurations that make some goldfish look like they are from a different planet. retina wallpapers. some of the more extreme versions of goldfish can only live in aquariums and are fairly delicate. at this time there are roughly 300 breeds of goldfish that are official breeds in china. the majority of goldfish breeds that exist today originated in china. the domestic goldfish come in many different varieties. domestic goldfish are highly unlikely to survive outside of their tanks or ponds due to their bright colored fins. however other varieties like the shubunkin might be able to survive just long enough to mate with their wild cousins. the common comet goldfish can survive in the wild and can do fairly well in just about any climate. time to make carp fishing as new hobby.

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cool animation
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