Free Download 奇想江湖——這裡有本武林秘笈 9.6 APK

Free Download 奇想江湖——這裡有本武林秘笈 9.6 APK

App Information of 奇想江湖——這裡有本武林秘笈

App Name 奇想江湖——這裡有本武林秘笈 v9.6
Genre Adventure, Games
Size96.3 MB
Latest Version9.6
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Rating ( 378 )

Description of 奇想江湖——這裡有本武林秘笈






Players will play a role in the game, teenagers experience different illusions in the rivers and lakes, meet different martial arts, swim between the city, taste the taste of life. In the constant exploration, the teenager will gradually discover the truth of the world of rivers and lakes…

– Original watercolor hand-painted style, uniquely showing the world of rivers and lakes
-The recruitment of martial arts, the martial arts from all the various factions can be earned
– Reproduce the martial arts classics, hundreds of weapons, thousands of martial arts secrets to help you laugh and martial arts
-Roguelike maps, a variety of random events, greatly enhancing exploratory and fun
– A variety of genre combinations to create the strongest team

[Fantasy Adventure]
Every illusion is an independent world, and the teenager experiences and explores in the illusion.
Juveniles will encounter martial arts, trigger some events, and may be safe, but battles of all sizes are essential.
Teenagers explore and grow in the illusion, but they cannot take away these forces when they leave the illusion.

[Jianghu martial arts]
Martial arts is a powerful presence in the rivers and lakes. The teenager collects the martial arts in the rivers and lakes and summons the martial arts to fight.
The martial arts that teenagers encounter in the illusion are also divided into good and evil. They either pass on the secrets of juvenile martial arts, or have something to do, or just for a battle.

[Orthodox martial arts]
Martial arts use martial arts to fight. There are thousands of martial arts in the rivers and lakes, each with its own characteristics.
Some martial arts can learn on their own, and some martial arts exploration is available.
As for the legendary martial arts, it only exists in the hearts of those who are legendary. It is not easy to get it.

I don’t know when it’s time, the illusion is only the defense, and there are no weapons. Juveniles can only collect drawings and materials in the illusion and forge them themselves.
It took a teenager to spend five years, not asking the world, and concentrating on forging. When the “Taolongbaodao” re-emerged in the rivers and lakes, the boy was famous for the great earthquake. However, the god-casting villa owner shook his head after seeing the knife: “The sword is the first weapon.”

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