Download RTO Vehicle Information 4.3.6 APK

➤ Car Info provides the following RTO vehicle registration information details by using vehicle number: 🚗🕵️‍♀️
◦ Owner Name
◦ Age
◦ Engine Number
◦ Chassis Number
◦ Vahan Registration Date
◦ Vahan Registration City
◦ Vehicle Type
◦ Vehicle Model
◦ Vahan City
◦ Vahan State
◦ Insurance Expiry

➤ Car Info provides convenience for Car Resale: 🚘🆕
◦ Used car/bike/scooter expected resale price
◦ Request to buy a second-hand car/bike/scooter
◦ Request to sell your second-hand car/bike/scooter
◦ Check your used vehicle resale price based on its condition

➤ Car Info also provides Driving Licence info:
◦ Licence Holder’s Name
◦ Driving Licence Age
◦ Licence validity
◦ DL Registered Office
◦ DL issue Date
◦ Licence Status (ACTIVE/INACTIVE)

Check out our various RTO related features:
✔ RC Search 🚗
◦ Use Car Info to search for a vehicle owner just by entering the vehicle number plate, this works for all RTO vehicle types – cars, motorbikes, trucks, autos, just about everything!
◦ Get RTO vehicle information of the unclaimed car parked in your society parking for days
◦ Check RTO registration details before buying a Second Hand/Used car, using the number plate of the vehicle
◦ No more need to go to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get these details for a car, bike, truck, taxi, scooter or any other Indian Vehicle!

✔ Resale Value Calculator (Beta) 🚘
◦ India’s most trustworthy online automobile resale value calculator
◦ Covers a wide spectrum of vehicle categories including cars, motorcycles, scooters for resale options
◦ Check your used vehicle’s expected resale price
◦ Check market evaluation for second-hand car/bike before buying it

✔ DL Search 📰
◦ Check your Driving Licence Status
◦ Check your licence’s expiry, age and registration authority
◦ Find your driving licence information quickly within the app’s saved licences
◦ No need to remember your DL number, you have it handy always

✔ Fuel Price ⛽️
◦ Daily Fuel prices for All cities in India (Petrol and Diesel)

✔ Celebrity Cars🕴
◦ Know which car your favorite celebrity owns!
◦ Check out your favorite Audi/Mercedes/Rolls Royce/Bentley/Jaguar cars’ celebrity possessor

✔ My Profile
◦ Use the Recent Searches to quickly access previous results.
◦ Save all your RC’s to your Garage to keep them much handy!
◦ Share RC information with friends on Email, WhatsApp, Facebook with a single click
◦ Check your searched DL for quick reference

✔ Latest Cars and News 🚗📰
◦ Find out about the newest supercars information and details
◦ Read some interesting facts about cars and watch amazing car videos
◦ Read interesting articles and watch amazing videos related to cars and share with your friends.

Car Info finds the RTO registration information for the following states of India.
RTOs in Andhra Pradesh
RTOs in Arunachal Pradesh
RTOs in Assam
RTOs in Bihar
RTOs in Chhattisgarh
RTOs in Delhi
RTOs in Goa
RTOs in Gujarat
RTOs in Haryana
RTOs in Himachal Pradesh
RTOs in Jammu and Kashmir
RTOs in Jharkhand
RTOs in Karnataka
RTOs in Kerala
RTOs in Madhya Pradesh
RTOs in Maharashtra
RTOs in Manipur
RTOs in Meghalaya
RTOs in Mizoram
RTOs in Nagaland
RTOs in Odisha
RTOs in Punjab
RTOs in Rajasthan
RTOs in Sikkim
RTOs in Tamil Nadu
RTOs in Telangana
RTOs in Tripura
RTOs in Uttar Pradesh
RTOs in Uttarakhand
RTOs in West Bengal

We are not related to VAHAN, PARIVAHAN or any RTO authority of India. This is not an official RTO App. All details shown in the app about vehicle owner is publically available on the official Parivahan RTO website and can be looked up by anyone visiting the website absolutely free. We are showing the information available on the website as it is, without making any changes to it. Car Info is only acting as a platform to make this information available to users easily via this app.
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Download RTO Vehicle Information 4.3.6 APK

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