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witness live ufo wallpaper on your android screen. get this ufo experience and alien ufo now. an unidentified flying object (ufo) is an object which is observed in the sky, but cannot be identified. while people have been spotting mysterious objects in the sky for centuries, claims of ufo sightings exploded in the wake of the second world war. live wallpaper, lwp, attitudes about ufos vary widely, with some people believing that such objects have a perfectly logical scientific explanation, while others have suggested that the origin of ufos is paranormal in nature. people who support a paranormal explanation for ufos are sometimes referred to as believers, referencing the idea that they believe in paranormal phenomena. it may come as a surprise to learn that the vast number of ufo sightings reported each year are later downgraded to ifos, or identified flying objects. claims of genuine ufos are rare, and hard to confirm, usually due to lack of photographic evidence or reliable witnesses. some believers accuse skeptics of suppressing evidence which would support a more paranormal explanation for ufos, arguing that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth. the ufo craze really started in 1947, when a pilot named kenneth arnold reported seeing a flying object which he likened to a saucer, coining the term flying saucer along the way. this is indeed flying saucer and alien autopsy app.

arnold was viewed as a reasonably credible witness, and his sketches of the mysterious object got a lot of press, undoubtedly inflaming the collective imagination. today, ufo believers can share information about sightings, along with conspiracy theories, on numerous websites and forums. when examining the history of the ufo encounter, it is interesting to note that sightings greatly increased after the close of world war two, when numerous nations started experimenting with cutting-edge aircraft. experimental aircraft associated with the military obviously have to be tested at some point, and such aircraft often look extremely strange. retina wallpapers. due to security reasons, sightings of experimental aircraft cannot be confirmed or explained, so it is possible that the ufos which believers think are whizzing across the sky at all hours are actually just extremely sophisticated planes. it should also be noted that ufo sightings have historically been very high in the southwest, a region which has been used as a military proving ground for a very long time. other ufo sightings around the world often happen to occur near military bases and research facilities, further supporting the idea that these unidentified objects remain obscure for security reasons, rather than mysterious ones.

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Download live ufo wallpaper 10.05 APK

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