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ツイッターのクライアント です。

気に入ってもらえたならProもよろしくお願いします。m(_ _)m

XperiaZ Android4.4 XperiaZ2 Android5.0 Nexus7 Android5.1



A,設定→アカウント設定→追加 で追加可能です.前回認証したアカウントでログインしている場合は,ブラウザ上でログアウトして頂く必要がある場合がございます.




なにか質問やご要望等ありましたらサポートアカウント @AxBS までお願い致します.
It is a Twitter client.

Thank you also Pro if was Could liked. m (_ _) m

Current debug terminal
XperiaZ Android4.4 XperiaZ2 Android5.0 Nexus7 Android5.1
It is. Please note that we do not confirm the operation in the other terminal.

This is the same as the basic functions Habiyo Ntta but, like some of the functions the user screen and settings have been reduced.
In addition, the upper limit of the number of the account authentication will be taken as 10.

Q & A
Q, Do you have a menu, where the setting?
A, and there is a draw in a swipe from the left of the screen.

Q, Can I add from where the account?
A, it can be added in the Settings → Account Settings → added. If you are logged in the previous the authenticated account, there is the case that there is a need to be asked to log out on the browser.

Q, I want to hide the ad but ,,,
A, advertising is down by let me put in order to conduct regular development. You can not completely be turned off, but then when you tap once for two days available without advertising. But please consider the Pro version, etc. anyone who complained.

Q, please be back to the previous version
A, please forgive me. Management will die in very. . . .

Q, or not gone to Fabo number limit in time?
A, not eliminated. In the case where it is the manner of basic usage has become the first, catch not set. If you are still caught, it is too much of Fabo. I’ll lead to client limit, I think whether the restriction may have gotten it believes it is not to be relaxed in the future.

Thank you to something questions or support accountAxBS If you have any demand, and the like.



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