Download 愛叫車 1.1.1 APK

Download 愛叫車 1.1.1 APK

App Information of 愛叫車

App Name 愛叫車 v1.1.1
Genre Auto & Vehicles, Games
Size6.9 MB
Latest Version1.1.1
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Description of 愛叫車

1. 簡易登入:使用Google,Facebook,電子郵件連結方式快速登入,無須密碼(首次登入需驗證手機號碼)

2. 保證平台車輛皆具備監理站合格審驗通過駕駛,系統自動篩選掉過期未審驗上傳司機

3. 附近車輛地圖即時顯示

4. 可選用黃色計程車,通用型(無障礙)計程車或多元化計程車

5. 目的地旅程時間,車資,距離自動預估

6. 司機承接您的訂單時可即時查看,司機頭像,車照,執業登記證號

7. 文字/聲音雙向通訊功能直接與司機溝通,也可撥打手機(若司機開放)

8. 雙向評分制度,如有不滿意的司機可隨時封鎖/解鎖,封鎖後該司機將無法再次承接您的叫車

9. 旅程訂單行進軌跡記錄查詢

10. 旅程分享功能(將於下次更新後上線)

11. 視訊119報案按鈕,緊急時可快速開啟視訊119報案,並留存影像記錄(建議事先進行視訊119的安裝及註冊)
1. Easy login: use Google, Facebook, email link to quickly log in, no password required (first login to verify mobile number)

2. Ensure that the platform vehicles are equipped with the supervision station to pass the driving test, and the system automatically filters out the expired unverified upload driver.

3. Instant display of nearby vehicle maps

4. Optional yellow taxi, universal (accessible) taxi or diversified taxi

5. Destination journey time, fare, distance automatic estimation

6. The driver can view the order immediately, the driver’s picture, car photo, practice registration number

7. Text/sound two-way communication function directly communicates with the driver, and can also call the mobile phone (if the driver is open)

8. Two-way scoring system, if there is any dissatisfied driver, it can be blocked/unlocked at any time. After the blockade, the driver will not be able to take over your car again.

9. Journey order travel track record query

10. Journey sharing function (will be online after the next update)

11. Video 119 report button, you can quickly open video 119 report in case of emergency, and keep image records (recommended to install and register video 119 in advance)

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