Download 常用漢字筆順辞典 FREE 2.3.28 APK

Download 常用漢字筆順辞典 FREE 2.3.28 APK

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App Name 常用漢字筆順辞典 FREE v2.3.28
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Description of 常用漢字筆順辞典 FREE







Ver2.0.0 より筆順通りに文字を書いている所をアニメーションで表示する筆順表示機能が実装されました。





Ver2.3.3より 漢字単位で付箋を付けてブックマークができます。付箋のカラーは5色から選べコメントを付けることができます。






“Kanji stroke order dictionary” is the fastest and most easily examined is app stroke order and reading.
Kanji 2439 characters and hiragana and katakana, you will be sure stroke order by tracing in one stroke finger.
In addition, because it is equipped with a reading of a total of 6027 Chinese characters, which also included other than common usage, it can also be used as a simple kanji dictionary.

When you write the Chinese characters in public “what is correct in this way of writing and reading.”
Have you ever thought to do so uneasy?
It is examined as soon as the stroke order and readings of Chinese characters that this app is a concern, if any. The correct stroke order will lead to write a beautiful letter.

Search method of Chinese characters is very simple. If Kome write directly Chinese characters with your finger on the screen Chinese characters will be greatly clean display. In addition you can also search from the number of strokes and reading.

From now on all right even if there is a character who can not read Chinese or do not know the stroke order.
Only because now of the personal computer era Please use easily the Chinese characters in the “kanji stroke order dictionary”.

◆ You can enter handwritten Chinese characters that you want to search.
Kanji you want to know is recognized only by letter writing with a finger on the screen, it will be displayed immediately.
System of handwriting recognition is using a handwriting recognition engine “easy flat ®” of Panasonic Corporation with a proven track record in such as a portable game machine.

◆ stroke order is Nazoreru.
Stroke order is Nazoreru characters may 2608 characters in total.
Kanji has recorded a total of 2439 characters of additional character types candidate 196 characters of kanji (learn in compulsory education kanji) and the part of the person’s name kanji, further new kanji table (tentative name).
In addition it is also recorded Hiragana and Katakana.

◆ stroke order animation features
Stroke order display function that displays the place you’re writing a character in the animation has been implemented in stroke order street than Ver2.0.0.

◆ Phonetic reading can be confirmed.
6027 can be searched to read and radical name of Chinese characters. General Chinese characters, of course, you can check the details of such difficult kanji reading and radical.

◆ easy to see in Chinese characters is large.
Chinese characters on the entire screen is displayed in a larger size. Tome and wings was hard to look up to now, you can see the many kanji number of strokes.

◆ You can also search from the clipboard or keyboard.
The reading of the Chinese characters in the string input from text and keyboard in the clipboard will be displayed in the list.

◆ search in the Internet
The retrieved Chinese characters & Examples will be able to search the Internet.

◆ Sticky
Ver2.3.3 with a tag you can bookmark than in kanji unit. Sticky notes of color can add a comment to choose from five colors.

◆ number of strokes and reading, get grade, radical, search from the number of strokes list.
You can find the Chinese characters of interest from within each of the list.

◆ Pen Settings
You can change the color and thickness of the line at the time of handwriting input.

[Handwriting input operation]
1. handwriting area that is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you write the Chinese characters.
2. Select candidates to be displayed in the handwriting area top, the Chinese characters will be displayed by tapping.
3. or tracing the Chinese characters, and or to learn more, please use freely.

※ This product is “kanji Table” to comply with the Chinese characters and sound Kun, learning school year, we have recorded an example.
※ stroke order is, “hand Miki of stroke order guidance” (Ministry of Education, 1957) and is compliant with the.
※ other information has to reference the standards of Nihonkanjinoryokukenteikyokai.

This product uses a handwriting recognition engine “easy flat ®” of Panasonic Corporation.
Easy flat is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

This product, you will see the ad banner at the bottom of the screen, but there is no such limitation of function.

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