theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Sherina Satu Hati Lyrics

Searching for Sherina lyrics for song Satu Hati? You’ve come to the excellent sites.
Satu Hati is a song played by Sherina.

Satu Hati Indonesia
Satu Hati
Satu Hati Indonesia
Satu Hati

Walau kulit tubuhmu berbeda warna
Jangan jadikan alasan untuk prahara
Genggam tangan bersama satukan cinta
Karena kita bersama satu saudara

Mari jalan bersama
Kita tiada berbeda
Satu bangsa

Jangan sampai terpecah karena satu masalah
Kita semua sama

Satukan cinta
Satukan semua
Satukan jiwa
Mari satu hati Indonesiaku

for some teenager, hearing a ballad is one of remedial mechanism. Playing any great harmony also can peace your brain and relaxing your body. For young people, music is their vision. If you want to play Satu Hati you may need some discipline, but for an artist, it just take few time to play it perfectly

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