Thesearethedroids Guitar Chords
Thesearethedroids Guitar Chords

Read Between the Lines by Aaron Tippin Guitar Chords

If you are looking for Read Between the Lines guitar chords, you’ve come to the right place.
You can play Read Between the Lines by Aaron Tippin using guitar or guitar.
This song by Aaron Tippin can also be played by that instruments.

Read Between the Lines guitar chords has rhythm and included in Read Between the Lines (1992) album.
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Read Between the Lines by Aaron Tippin Guitar Chords

Key: E
(E)I’ve go
t some mighty tall tales,from livin’ hard and fast.(E)I’m a walkin’, talkin’, livin’, breathin’, portrait of my past. I’ve(A)double crossed the devil,prayed the lord my soul to keep.(E)Escaped some early graves by the skin of my teeth.All the(B)deepest secrets of my soul the world can plainly see.(A)Everything i’ve ever done,is(B)written all over(E)me.If you just
(G)read Be(D)tween the(B)lines.Of this(G)well weathered(D)face of(E)mine.Ever(C)wrinkle,every scar is a(A)painful work of(E)art.That(B)reminds me of mistakes that i’ve(A)made.and no story i could tell could tell it quite as(E)well.As these(C)souveniers that livin’s left(A)behind.So take(B)long hard look,at the cover of this bookAnd read be(C)tweeen the(A)lines. read be(C)tween the(A)lines.
Now friend they might be hard to find.On this rigid face of stone.There are pleasant deep impressions’that are solid as gold.And i’ll be the first to tell you,this ol’ boy has been blesssed.Even the worst of time shave turned out for the best.Like roads on a map accross this battered stretch of skin.Just trace your way down mem’ry lane to any place i’ve been.(repeat 2)

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