theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Passion Pit Little Secrets Lyrics

If you are looking for Passion Pit lyrics for song Little Secrets? you have come to the right sites.
Little Secrets is a song played by Passion Pit.

I CAME down when the dawn poured into me
I shook ’em up the crumbling walls CAME
Trembling with my thin skin these salty Wounds
My stolen gold inside the emperor’s tomb

Now painting rainbows on my ugly face
I built this cardboard neighborhood’s disgrace
Ascend and serve, but I need my feverish
Within the confines of Such chemistry

Let this be our little secret
No one needs to know we’re feeling
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher

But I feel alive, oh, I feel it in me
Up and up we keep on climbing
Higher and higher and higher
Higher and higher and higher

My face blew up at Such a casual sight
The colors of ecstatic Fright smattered
The rush above me to Oblivion
Outlining wet sidewalks in halogen

Have you ever felt so Goddamn strong?
How come it takes some people so damn long
He turned to squeeze the lemon juice to rain
The citrus drawing out the scene in stains

Mother, I can tell what you’ve been thinking
Staring at the stars on your ceiling
Once thinking there was a power That you were weilding
But now I’ve hit the mark,
Stabbing at the dark
And I can not help but ignore the people Staring at my scars

for some music lover, hearing a song is one of healing practice. Playing some good melody also can peace your brain and refresh your body. For teenager, music is their inspiration. If you want to play Little Secrets you may need some training, but for an profeesional, it may take few time to play it smoothly

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