Thesearethedroids Guitar Chords
Thesearethedroids Guitar Chords

No Cocaine by Slightly Stoopid Guitar Chords

If you are looking for No Cocaine guitar chords, you’ve come to the right place.
You can play No Cocaine by Slightly Stoopid using guitar or guitar.
This song by Slightly Stoopid can also be played by that instruments.

No Cocaine guitar chords has rhythm and included in Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid (2008) album.
You can also find another musical genres, including jazz guitar chords, country music guitar chords, pop guitar chords, world music guitar chords, and rock guitar chords here.

No Cocaine by Slightly Stoopid Guitar Chords


>There are some small riffs in the song that I’ve left out, but you should be able to figure
them out based on the chords.
>The main guitar has a Phase Shifter effect on it for the whole song.
>Some parts of the song have a delay on them. It’s timed to an 8th-note triplet. If you have
a Boss DD-6, the pedal the band uses, you can achieve this by using the tap-tempo feature
on the 80ms setting and tapping 8th-notes in time with the song.



Chords:F#m (9-9-11-11-10-9)

| / slide up
| slide down
| h hammer-on
| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato
| + harmonic
| x Mute note

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