theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Ne-Yo Drugz Feat Luther Vandross Lyrics

If you are looking for Ne-Yo lyrics for song Drugz Feat Luther Vandross? you have come to the right place.
Drugz Feat Luther Vandross is a song played by Ne-Yo.

My guitar is jealous of our relationship
Cause’ she dont get half the attention that you get
Lately, I dont know how it happend
But it did
And now, baby now
All I ever seem to want is…

A kiss, a hug, some sort of affection
Ooh I need it
You’ve become my crutch, a drug
You’re my new addiction
Gimme my fix, ooh your love is
(Drugz)Ooh your touch is
(Drugz)Ooh your kiss is
(Drugz)Baby you are
(Drugz)Oooh you’re just like drugz

I am not what you would call a crazy chick
But you’ve got me on, some of that crazy
Like i’m cold when it’s nice and warm
Sittin’ by the phone
Waiting for you to call

Cause’ it be callin me
Baby all I need is…


I, I, I, I
Really need a fix
(oooh, I really need a fix baby)
I, I, I, I
Really need a fix
(won’t you come and fix me?)
I, I, I, I
Really need a fix
(I really need a fix)
I, I, I, I
Really need a fix
(won’t your come and fix me?)


Oooh I need it
Become My crutch, my drug
You are my fix, ooooh your love is

for some music lover, hearing a melody is one of healing practice. Playing some favorable music also can peace your brain and rest your body. For young people, music is their influence. If you want to play Drugz Feat Luther Vandross you may need some drill, but for an expert, it may take some time to play it perfectly

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