theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Naughty Boy Epilogue (feat. George the Poet) Lyrics

Searching for Naughty Boy lyrics for song Epilogue (feat. George the Poet)? You’ve come to the perfect sites.
Epilogue (feat. George the Poet) is a song played by Naughty Boy.

Take a step back, try and read the signs
You paid the price, looking for the cheapest flights
But you made the right booking for the sleepless nights
If you’re still intrigued, don’t hold me responsible
Leave your conscience at the outlets indicated
You ain’t drowsy, baby, you’ve been sedated
Just don’t end up like the rest of them
The things this place has instigated

for some people, hearing a refrain is one of curing routine. Playing any pleasing music also can calm your brain and relaxing your body. For teenager, music is their spark. If you want to play Epilogue (feat. George the Poet) you may need some discipline, but for an guru, it just take some time to play it perfectly

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