theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Michael Jackson Cinderella Stay A While Lyrics

If you are looking for Michael Jackson lyrics for song Cinderella Stay A While? You’ve come to the excellent place.
Cinderella Stay A While is a song played by Michael Jackson.

Cinderella, stay awhile
You’re the one
That’s I’m lookin’ for
Cinderella, bring your smile

All around me sunbeam’s
Start to fall
Being my dear so near
Please don’t disappear
Now that you are here
Stay awhile

Cinderella, I just know
That the magic slipper’s
Going to fit
Cinderella, do not go

You’re my princess
I am sure of it
This is love for sure
Loving sweet and pure
Love that will endure
Stay awhile

When you speak the angels all sing
His is the kind og magic you bring

Cinderella, stay awhile
This is like a fairytale with you
Cinderella, bring your smile

All my fairytales are coming true
When my only fear
Is being my dear so near
Please don’t disappear
Stay awhile

(Fairytales, make-believe and you)

Cinderella, stay awhile
Don’t you go

for some people, hearing a song is one of healing routine. Playing any positive refrain also can peace your brain and ease your body. For teenager, music is their insight. If you want to play Cinderella Stay A While you may need some training, but for an guru, it may take some time to play it smoothly

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