theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Madonna I Deserve It Lyrics

Are you looking for Madonna lyrics for song I Deserve It? you have come to the right sites.
I Deserve It is a song played by Madonna.

This guy was meant for me
And I was meant for him
This guy was dreamt for me
And I was dreamt for him

This guy has danced for me
And I have danced for him
This guy has cried for me
And I have cried for him


Many miles, many roads I have traveled
Fallen down on the way
Many hearts, many years have unraveled
Leading up to today

This guy has prayed for me
And I have prayed for him
This guy was made for me
And I was made for him


I have no regrets
There’s nothing to forget
All the pain was worth it

Not running from the past
I tried to do what’s best
I know that I deserve it

(chorus, repeat)

And I thank you

for some teenager, hearing a ballad is one of healing mechanism. Playing any pleasing tune also can serenity your brain and ease your body. For teenager, music is their insight. If you want to play I Deserve It you may need some discipline, but for an artist, it just take some time to play it perfectly

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