theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Jason Mraz At Last Lyrics

Searching for Jason Mraz lyrics for song At Last? You’ve come to the good sites.
At Last is a song played by Jason Mraz.

So thank you guys so much for comin’ around,
stickin’ around.
Some of you who came to both shows, that’s really

Well you see at last
My love well she’s come along
And my lonely days well they’re finally over
And my life is like a song
At la-ya-ya-ya-ya-yast, at la-a-a-a-ast, oh at
last, at last, oh

Oh, this night above, well it looks like all of
But you know, my heart is always wrapped up in
(audience laughing)
(Jason : Ha ha)
Oh, the way he plays the fool-oo-oo
well well – do do do do do

Oh, did you bring your french horn tonight with
you Mr. T
(yeah I brought the french horn)
French me with your horny, horny, horny, horny,

Wah-ah ah

You know he plays the low notes, but he sings the
high notes.
Again this is Mr. Ian Sheridan our friend.

You know what that sounds like?
sounds like – love, (laughing) life’s sweetest
it’s an open sword

(Toca: sword ?)

hey love, exciting and new (laughing)
come aboard, we’re expecting you
on the loooove boat (applause)
soon we’ll be making another run
on the loooove boat oh-oh-oh
I’m lookin’ to dock my boat – oh

(one, two)

for some teenager, hearing a song is one of remedial formula. Playing few great music also can serenity your brain and rest your body. For young people, music is their inspiration. If you want to play At Last you may need some discipline, but for an artist, it just take few time to play it perfectly

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