theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Infinite Sick Lyrics

If you are looking for Infinite lyrics for song Sick? you have come to the good sites.
Sick is a song played by Infinite.

Verse 1

We pull mad triggers
War what we used to, some done buried before
What we used to, dropping bodies under the floor
Not what it looked like
It’s what it really be
And they could tell you in your next life
You’re still parrow
For whatever dinero
Blackout dirty barrels get stuck for your dinero
But who’s ta blame
Me or this dirty game
My blood forever cold
Just like my last name
The world is like this
My blood froze up my vein
Stick you for your drug money
Chip ice off your chain
Your life just blacked like dirty burns to your left jaw


We sick yeah yo my crew run wild
Yeah yo we sick, we on some other shit
Yeah yo we sick, long pipe between your lips
We sick, some burn you for your necklace
We sick, my crew run wild
We sick, from cradles to caskets
We sick, long pipe between your lips
Yo we sick, yo we on some other shit

Verse 2

Ah yo we sick
We wild like 2 nines and 4 clips
My crew make ghosts
Ride close with the toaster
Wanted face on posters
Guess they tell you we armed like we supposed ta
Gats in holsta, drink white rum all day
Straight ’till dinner
Show up at your party
Turn your dance into a thriller
I guess it only takes much to know about my family
We all about Bibles and kronze
Money and robberies
The speaker chosen
The amount of heat we holdin;
The amount of grams loadin’
The amount of man we foldin’ no lie
Sometimes I feel nothing to live for
I seen my days in a shoot out with 5.O
Ah yo we sick


Verse 3

We were brought up by the older gangstas
Off the block who ran the turf
I’m from the murder capitol of my town
You better research
You know it got worse so sail on
Years apon the time it wasn’t this bad but the earth crumbled too fast
Dirty money runnin’ da block
At twin towers airport searching bottles of rum for baby powder
Can’t catch us on bare face moves intoxic
Catch us on your news mask up like smarter convicts
Represents the hustlers on streets or in cells
The truth always flashes in light
When time tells I’m your LDC time
Reality will tell it
On the opposite of the gun smoke and I could smell it
We sick

Chorus x 2

for some music lover, hearing a ballad is one of healing mechanism. Playing any pleasing tune also can peace your brain and rest your body. For teenager, music is their spark. If you want to play Sick you may need some discipline, but for an profeesional, it may take few time to play it smoothly

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