theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Helloween Star Invasion Lyrics

Searching for Helloween lyrics for song Star Invasion? you have come to the right sites.
Star Invasion is a song played by Helloween.

There he’s sitting in his cockpit

Out on guard, ten thousand miles from home

Lookin’ through his little window

Earth appears as God’s blue magic dome

Just a little bit disturbing

Are those coloured spaceships

Closing in

Star Invasion

From behind the sun


Straight into his face

Seven years they taugh and told him

What to do and how to act right now

He would have to push a button

In his panic he just don’t know how

Seems like there’s no red alert no more

And so that squirrel wasn’t there before

Star invasion

From behind the sun


Say what can be done?

Near to a thousand-eight squirrels beam aboard and say hello

Puke and shit his control board, dematerialize and steer their ships

Away from earth

Star invasion

Praise the Lord they’re gone

Mere pollution

Cleaning up’s no fun

Star invasion

First touch with a different kind

Ausser Spesen nix gewesen IIII

for some music lover, hearing a lyrics is one of healing method. Playing some great music also can peace your brain and relaxing your body. For young people, music is their spark. If you want to play Star Invasion you may need some training, but for an guru, it may take some time to play it smoothly

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