theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Green Day Jaded Lyrics

Searching for Green Day lyrics for song Jaded? you have come to the perfect sites.
Jaded is a song played by Green Day.

Somebody keep my balance

I think I’m falling off

Into a state of regression

The expiration date

Rapidly coming up

It’s leaving me behind to rank

Always move forward

Going “straight” will get you nowhere

There is no progress

Evolution killed it all

I found my place in nowhere

I’m taking one step sideways

Leading with my crutch

Got a fucked up equilibrium

Count down from 9 to 5

Hooray! We’re gonna die!

Blessed into our extinction

for some people, hearing a melody is one of remedial formula. Playing few positive tune also can serenity your brain and leisure your body. For teenager, music is their vision. If you want to play Jaded you may need some action, but for an artist, it just take few time to play it perfectly

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