theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Coldplay I Bloom Blaum dan Terjemahan Lyrics

If you are looking for Coldplay lyrics for song I Bloom Blaum dan Terjemahan? you have come to the excellent place.
I Bloom Blaum dan Terjemahan is a song played by Coldplay.

Darling, those tired eyes
Sayang, mata lelah itu
Go with me all the time
Pergi bersamaku sepanjang waktu
And in the dead of night
Dan di tengah malam
Tell me you will be mine
Katakan padaku kamu akan menjadi milikku

Where do you go to, pretty babe?
Kamu ingin pergi kemana, sayangku?
Where do you go to, when the night wind’s away?
Kemana kamu akan pergi, ketika angin malam pergi?
Well, ask me so sweetly, what do I do?
Nah, beritahu aku dengan manis, apa yang harus aku lakukan?
And who do I sing for?
Dan kepada siapa aku bernyanyi?

Well, honey, I sing about you
Nah, sayang, aku bernyanyi tentang mu

for some people, hearing a lyrics is one of remedial method. Playing any great tune also can serenity your brain and relaxing your body. For young people, music is their inspiration. If you want to play I Bloom Blaum dan Terjemahan you may need some training, but for an expert, it may take few time to play it smoothly

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