theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Clean Bandit Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon) Lyrics

If you are looking for Clean Bandit lyrics for song Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon)? you already come to the ideal sites.
Cologne (feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon) is a song played by Clean Bandit.

[Verse 1 – Nikki Cislyn:]
When I walk into the club and my feet start to rub
Everybody thinks I’m weird but the truth is I’m not
When I’m in the studio and the 808 pops
Everybody thinks I’m weird but the truth is I’m not

[Pre-Chorus – Nikki Cislyn:]
Gonna let the music take control of me and let the bass rush through me
808 pace to make, I love the state I’m in, it’s my [?]
All the feelings that I’m feeling, loving everyone it’s amazing
I want to stop until I drop I know I’m on top and now it’s time to bop

(Let me see you get low)

[Chorus – Nikki Cislyn (x2):]
Whatever happens tonight stays in the crowd
Whatever happens stays between you and I

[Hook – Javeon (x4):]
Your cologne and the bass is making my heart beat insane

[Verse 2 – Nikki Cislyn:]
It’s amazing when we party all night for the cause
When I watch you get down I forget all your flaws
If you fly into my life it’s so nice, it’s full-on
But the music takes us deep ’til the breaking of dawn

[Chorus – Nikki Cislyn (x2)]
[Hook – Javeon (x4)]

[Bridge – Nikki Cislyn (x2):]
Whatever happened…
Whatever happened… you and I

[Chorus: Nikki Cislyn (x2)]
[Hook – Javeon (x4)]
[Chorus (x2)]

[Outro – Nikki Cislyn:]
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, let me get… [x2]
Get-get-get low [x3]
Get-get-get low for me

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