theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

Chicago Lovin’ Chains Lyrics

If you are looking for Chicago lyrics for song Lovin’ Chains? you have come to the perfect sites.
Lovin’ Chains is a song played by Chicago.

Moved out west just to get away
Miles of sky and empty space
Mirrors my soul
I’m out here on my own

I got a new job and a couple new friends
There’s even someone special,
I think I could start again
But every time we touch
It reminds me of us, and…

Every time I close my eyes
To go to sleep at night
I wake up and I see your face
Even in my dreams
I can’t get anyplace
I can’t shake off your lovin’ chains
Your lovin’ chains…

So I moved back east just to face my tears
To say what needs sayin’ before you disappear
But old friends say you’re gone
Long since moved on, now…


I think I’m never gonna climb this mountain
Of my feelings for you
I’m gonna have to live here in your shadow
Until the skies are no longer blue!


for some music lover, hearing a ballad is one of remedial recipe. Playing any good refrain also can calm your brain and leisure your body. For teenager, music is their vision. If you want to play Lovin’ Chains you may need some drill, but for an expert, it may take few time to play it perfectly

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