theseatethedroids song lyrics
theseatethedroids song lyrics

3 Doors Down It’s Not Me (Live) Lyrics

Are you looking for 3 Doors Down lyrics for song It’s Not Me (Live)? You’ve come to the best sites.
It’s Not Me (Live) is a song played by 3 Doors Down.

Never mind the face that you put on in front of me
Never mind the pain you put me through
Cuz every little thing you say
And every little thing you do
Makes me doubt all of this

What are you waiting for
Look what you did
Is this who you wanted me to be
Well it’s not me, no
Look what you did
Is this how you wanted it to be
And this life you gave away
Was meant for me

Forget about this trip you’ve been on
Or so it seems
Never mind the lies that you told
my tears
Cuz every little thing you’ve said
And every little thing you did
Made me doubt all of this
Is that what you’re waiting for


Yeah, yeah
It was meant for me
Oh it was meant for me
Yeah, yeah


for some teenager, hearing a chorus is one of remedial practice. Playing few pleasing harmony also can serenity your brain and rest your body. For young people, music is their inspiration. If you want to play It’s Not Me (Live) you may need some discipline, but for an expert, it may take few time to play it smoothly

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