10 Android Battery Saving Tips And Tricks

Almost everyone out there is suffering from poor battery life on their smartphones. Battery backup is not lasting more than 4-5 hours, right? Well, I prepared top 10 android battery saving tips and tricks that legitimately would help you to prevent your android battery draining. So I guess say bye-bye to the poor battery back up. I’ve made this tips as short as possible for everyone to understand and save time.

#1 Say no to battery savers/ ram boosters:

Coming down to first android battery saving tips which say remove all battery savers and boosters. As awkward as this may sound but all these battery savers and ram boosters are always active in the background. This means that there in a continuous process of the CPU. Since the CPU is always in use, it drains a lot of parts of the battery so it’s best to delete these apps right away for a good start. Sure these apps might speed up your device a little bit from time to time but with the upcoming tips, I don’t think you need all that step.

#2 Use 3G/4G/LTE/Location services only whenever you need:

  • Used 4G/LTE only when you need. Many of us have a very bad habit of leaving the location services on or 3G/4G/LTE data connections are up and running at all times. where I can say change the habit of turning them on only when you needs and not otherwise.
  • Both location services and data connection keep your phone’s radio signals constantly active and running to fetch data packets and access the location.
Turn them off for the most part and obviously switch over Wi-Fi whenever you can. Wi-Fi is a huge battery saver and makes sure you use location services and data connection when you need only. It will definitely prevent your battery draining.

#3 Google play services cause your battery draining:

I know many of you have this problem of google play services during a shit load of the battery from your phone. And now here’s a fix, To do that go to:
  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Privacy guard
  • And make sure to enable show inbuilt apps on the top right corner. Once all this is done follow my step, go down below to the google play services select the ignore option for all the services which have been allowed thousands or even millions of times.

#4 Android battery saving tips- Calibrate battery:

Calibrate your battery, now, this is simply to do usually your phones might shut down before getting zero. This is because your phone’s battery isn’t calibrated. So what you can do is charge your phone up to a hundred percent(100%) then drain it completely to the point it dies by heavy usage. Once it off just let it charge while in part of the state until it’s full and then repeat the process about 2-3 times. This work for me and I hope this will work for you also.You may like this:

#5 Use Greenify:

Use greenify, now I did ask you going to uninstall every battery saver you have but this one is unique. Using greenify will allow you to hibernate apps which drain a lot of battery in the background. Your apps will go to sleep as soon as the phone screen is turned off. You can hibernate this manually this will basically shut down the applications and not let them have access to anything until you don’t open the apps manually. So, in a nutshell, no notifications from those apps until you enter the app yourself. The best thing is that it works for both rooted and not rooted devices.

#6 Use dark theme:

Tip number six, go dark informs, some smartphones offer a unique feature of going dark theme. Going dark will cause your phone’s pixels to use less power as before and save a lot of battery. This option can be found in the display settings but don’t worry if you don’t have it you can set up a dark wallpaper which kind of does the same thing. But combine the dark wallpaper with the black theme and it will be a cherry on top.

#7 Underlock:

Number 7 is underclocked, which is not usually used in android battery saving tips. If you don’t know what underclocking is it, you might want to skip this one. But for the ones who are rooted and have been in a game for a long time should be able to understand my point. Underclocking the CPU frequency is just a little bit will not really compromise a lot of the performance, you will get a good battery life. Because the CPU doesn’t really require a lot of power from the battery to comparatively which it did earlier. So try to underclock is not very compulsory but it’s just another way out.

#8 Turn off adaptive brightness:

Turn off the adaptive brightness, most of us tend to have adaptive or auto-brightness options turn on. This will only keep your proximity sensors awake at all times. It is also the reason to drain your battery very fast. Best thing to do is to uncheck that option and adjust the brightness according to yourself whenever you want to.

#9 Give some rest:

Give your phone some rest and take a chill. Turning your phone off at night while sleeping is a good habit to be kept. Because you’re phone just like your brain needs some sleep. So turn off for some time and let it refresh itself. This prevents a lot of drain in the night too. So you might just want to consider that option.

10. Clear cache:

Final, android battery saving tips: clear your cache. Cache is another way not only to get a better battery life but also free up some space. Cache is basically base data which should be deleted and this will free some space as well as boosted your battery life also.Hope you find this android battery saving tips and tricks helpful. If you have any question let me know in the comment section. You are always welcomed.Recommended: