These are the Droids has two contributing authors at this time and one on and off editor. We are looking for additional authors and one site administrator who also can do graphics and layout.

Benjamin Shockley – Site Founder and Editor

An engineer by design, author by default and Android fan by choice. When Ben isn’t reading for news on Android devices he spends his time tweaking the website and taking photos for fun.

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Ryan Trevisol – Author

Background: I was born, raised, and live in South Florida. I have a Bachelor in Management Information Systems from FAU, and work as a Computer Specialist with Broward County Schools. I also make custom electric guitars with my father, and do some freelance web design work.
Interests: I use mobile technology every day. The only way to stay on top of my crazy life is to keep all the aspects of my life under control is to keep everything recorded, organized, and reminding me digitally.
Google: I’ll admit to being a bit of a Google fanboy. My co-workers call me the “Google Master”, because there’s little I can’t hunt down with Google. I’ve used GMail since the early beta days, when nobody knew what it was. Google’s services have always suited my needs. I use Google Sync to keep my calendar, contacts, and mail up to date on the go.
The Droid I’m Looking For: Currently I use an iPhone 3G. Before the iPhone came out, though, there were already whispers of a “Google Phone.” The iPhone, of course, knocked my socks off with its slick interface and promise to do everything. After a year on MobileMe, I set up my phone to sync to Google’s services, but lack of tight GMail integration and a frustrating lack of choice in handset left me wanting more from my mobile experience.
The Droid I’m looking for is the Nexus One on AT&T.
Contact: rtrevisol []

Mark Bauer – Contract Editor

Editor extraordinaire.

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